The Man Who Knew Too Much


Happy New Year already! Come January 2013 The Criterion Collection will release the original 1934 version of Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew Too Much. They kindly asked me to design the title treatment for the cover as well as the creating the menu and package design. I'm looking forward to showing off all that when the time comes so please stay tuned. As for the excellent cover illustration, it's by Bill Nelson --beautifully done, right?

Les Visiteurs du Soir DVD Menus

I also designed the sister release to Children of Paradise, Marcel Carné's Les Visiteurs du Soir. The setting for this one is mediaeval France. Toggling my design sensibilities between the two epochs made for one schizophrenic month! Again, the cover painting is by production designer Alexandre Trauner. The design choices here are largely informed by the illuminated manuscript which is featured in the title sequence of the film.