Children of Paradise

Poster for the Janus Films release of the restored Children of Paradise.

The beautiful painting was created by production designer Alexandre Trauner for the 1945 film. I got a peek at several of the production design paintings while working on this and they're all pretty sprecial.

For the poster, art director Sarah Habibi invited me to compose a title treatment based on the main title card, translating the original, les Enfants du Paradis. The title sequence is a gorgeous mix of French scripts and display faces --all hand lettered, naturally. This solution would be no quick trip to the font library. All of my letters are custom drawn too.

The spectacularly restored film is making it's tour of the U.S. this spring. For more information on Children of Paradise, the touring schedule --as well as a video demonstration of the painstaking restoration proces-- be sure visit the Janus Films website.

• Janus Films